Water is just water? Not necessarily. 

A cup of tea is 98% water, the quality and taste of the water will affect your final cup of tea.  Oxygen in the water plays a crucial role in infusing the tea leaves, drawing out their flavour and releasing their aroma.  It is best to use freshly drawn cold water, but be weary in an area where your tap water is ‘hard’ or has unusually high levels of chlorine, fluoride or lime scale. If this is the case, you may want to consider filtering your water.


In most circumstances freshly boiled water is absolutely fine, but to get the perfect water temperature for each tea type, you should aim for 96-98 deg C for black teas and around 80-85 deg C for white teas, green and oolongs.  All types of tisanes including rooibos can take boiling water without their taste being affected.